Smart Locks versus Traditional Locks – Which Should You Pick?

So the worst happened, and someone tried to break into your home or maybe they succeeded.  You have called the emergency locksmith, they are handling safe repairs and you just need to decide what kind of locks you want putting on the door to replace the damaged ones.  There are two main categories – smart locks and traditional locks.  But which should you pick?

Smart Locks in Brighton

What are traditional locks?

If you were to visit homes across Brighton, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Crawley or Hove, the majority would have what are classed as traditional locks. There are lots of variations of them and they were all that was available until smart locks came along.  These are not automated locks and need to be manually engaged for the lock to be in action.

In most cases, traditional locks will have a key that locks and unlock them.  Pin tumbler locks, rim locks and mortise locks are a few examples of these.  With a pin tumbler, one of the most commonly used locks, there are spring loaded pins loaded into cylinders that move when the right key is inserted to lock or unlock.

Are traditional locks secure?

For most of us, traditional locks have done the job for years but when you have a break-in, you become a little more aware of how secure your home is.  Different locks have different levels of security.  A deadbolt, for example, can be a single or double cylinder and are one of the most secure types of lock.  They are graded by their relative strength with 3 being the lowest and 1 the highest.

There are also locks that are resistant to many common techniques used to break in such as lock bumping or picking.  Tamper-proof locks add extra security while the placement of the lock, how often it is used and whether it pairs with other locks also factor into overall security levels.

What are smart locks?

Smart locks are the newcomers to the lock world.  They come in different forms, but the basic idea is they use a traditional lock that is engaged electronically or remotely.  Some can be controlled by smartphones and integrate with other smart technology.

These new locks allow homeowners to monitor and control locks in a way you can’t with traditional locks.  They allow easy access to the home and reassurance that they are operating.  But there are some questions if they leave some security behind to offer this flexibility.

Are smart locks secure?

The biggest worry that plagues smart locks is the same as with other smart tech – can people ‘hack’ them and gain access to the property?  Another worry is that in adding the smart component, some of the security features are lost.  So while they definitely have benefits and are relatively secure, they are often not quite to the same standards as traditional locks.

The right lock for everyone

As emergency locksmiths replacing locks, our job is to find the right lock for everyone.  Many people still prefer traditional locks, but a good quality smart lock can also provide good security.  Either way, it is important you are confident with your locking system when you leave the house each day.

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